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Industrial Audiometry

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Benefits of Industrial Ear Testing with us

Ear Protection for All

An assessment of employee hearing under controlled conditions. Individual tests and reports to ensure  every one gets unique attention and care. Necessary referrals for medical or audiological examinations, hence a happier workforce.

Government Norms

Expert advice on compliance with requirements to avoid penalties. G.O.Ms No. 54, Labour and employment 27th April 2018 by Government of Tamil Nadu and Noise Pollution Regulation 2000 published in the Gazette by Government of India.

Maximised Productivity

Expert advice on the implementation of workplace noise management plans. A comprehensive management report to ensure that ear safety is enhanced hence reduced burdens on state norms, so you can focus at your work

Situations to do Audiometry Tests

Critical Evaluation

Evaluate possible hearing loss in people who have difficulty in understanding words in conversation.

Special Screening - Kids

Screening babies and young children for hearing problems that might interfere with their ability to communicate, learn, speak, or understand language

Tests for Vulnerability

To screen for hearing loss in people who are repeatedly exposed to loud noises or who are taking certain antibiotic drugs.